Install the Prototype Kit Installation guide for new users

This guide will walk you through installing and getting started with the kit. You don’t need any technical knowledge to follow along. If you get stuck, contact us using the #prototype-kit channel on cross-government Slack, or if you have a developer on your team, they should be able to help.

Installation takes up to 30 minutes depending on how much you need to install.

If you already installed a previous version of the Prototype Kit, you can update your Prototype Kit instead.

If you’re comfortable using git and the terminal, you may prefer the guide for advanced users.

This guide is a work in progress. You can contribute to make it better.


The GOV.UK Prototype Kit provides a simple way to make interactive prototypes that look and feel like pages on GOV.UK. These prototypes can be used to design and lay out pages, and to use in user research.

You’ll use a copy of the kit for each different prototype you want to make - they’re self contained. Once installed, the kit uses about 100mb.

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