Run the kit

You’ll use the terminal to start and stop the kit.

Open the prototype folder in terminal

If you're following the installation guide, you'll already have the terminal open in the right folder.

If you're coming back to work on a prototype, you'll need to navigate to the folder:

cd ~/Documents/prototypes/juggling-licence

Or replace 'juggling-licence' with the name of your prototype.

Running the kit

In the terminal, enter:

npm start

After the kit has started, you should see a message telling you that the kit is running:

Listening on port 3000 url: http://localhost:3000

Check it works

In your web browser, visit http://localhost:3000 (opens in a new tab)

You should see the prototype welcome page.

Screenshot of the Prototype Kit homepage

Quitting the kit

It’s fine to leave the kit running for days or while your computer is asleep.

To quit the kit, in the terminal press the ctrl and c keys together.

Installation complete

The kit is now installed. Congratulations!

The Prototype Kit is updated regularly. We announce new versions of the Prototype Kit in the #prototype-kit channel on cross-government Slack. You should update to the latest version to get the latest components, new features and fixes.

Make your first prototype

You can now start the tutorial to make your first prototype.