Updating to the latest version

  1. Download the zip file of the latest version of the Prototype Kit.

  2. Unzip the zip file.

  3. Make a backup copy of your prototype folder.

  4. In your prototype, delete everything except the app and .git folders.

    You may not be able to see the .git folder because files and folders that start with . are hidden by default.

  5. Copy all the folders from the unzipped folder to your prototype, except the app folder.

  6. Replace the app/config.js file in your prototype with the app/config.js file from the unzipped folder.

  7. Compare your new config.js file to the config.js file in the backup you made in step 3, and copy over anything you need to from the backup - for example your service name.

  8. Copy app/assets/sass/patterns from the unzipped folder to your prototype.

  9. Copy app/assets/sass/components from the unzipped folder to your prototype.

  10. Open the app/assets/sass/application.scss file in the unzipped folder.

  11. Copy everything down to // Add extra styles here, then paste it into the app/assets/sass/application.scss file in your prototype so it replaces everything above // Add extra styles here.

  12. Save the updated app/assets/sass/application.scss file in your prototype.

  13. Check the latest Prototype Kit release note and follow any guidance on updating your prototype.

    If your prototype has not been updated for a long time, you should also follow any guidance in release notes between the version you're updating from and the latest version. You can find out the version you're updating from in the VERSION.txt file in your backup folder.

  14. In your terminal, cd to your prototype folder.

  15. Run npm install.

    This may take up to a minute. You can ignore any lines in the log that start with WARN.

  16. Run the kit and check it works.

If your prototype does not work, compare the new package.json file to the package.json file in the backup you made in step 3. Run npm install PACKAGE-NAME for each package that's missing in the new file.

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